Flame retardants species characteristics

Flame retardants species characteristics

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Plastic and resin consumption more and more widely in the areas of production and life, but due to plastic and resin combustible
Plastic and resin consumption more and more widely in the areas of production and life, but due to plastic and resin combustible, easy cause of the fire, the casualties and economic losses. From the 60 s, some developed countries began to production and application of flame retardant plastic. In the 70 s, the rapid growth of foreign consumption and varieties of flame retardant, annual growth rate is 6 ~ 8%. The current consumption of flame retardant has become second plastic auxiliary agent, after large varieties of plasticizer.
Inorganic flame retardant high decomposition temperature, besides has the flame retardant effect, and to inhibit the action of the smoke and hydrogen chloride generated, the industrial developed countries abroad inorganic flame retardants consumption is much higher than organic flame retardants. Main use varieties of aluminum hydroxide, magnesium hydroxide, red phosphorus, ladder trioxide, etc. Aluminum hydroxide flame retardant, smoke suppression, filling the three functions in one of the flame retardants, non-toxic, non-corrosive, good stability, high temperature does not produce poisonous gas, and low cost, wide source. Magnesium hydroxide decomposition between 340 ℃ ~ 490 ℃. Good thermal stability, good flame retardant and smoke elimination effect, higher temperature of polyolefin plastics is suitable for processing. Aluminium hydroxide and magnesium hydroxide composite using both can complement each other, the flame retardant performance is better than single use effect.
Halogen flame retardant has the advantage of less dosage, flame retardant, high efficiency and wide adaptability, but its drawback is that combustion generated when a lot of smoke and toxic and corrosive gases, hazard. Development of halogen-free flame retardants in recent years to replace halogen flame retardant has become the development trend of flame retardant in the world. The research and development of new flame retardants, reduce material burns, smoke and poison gas volume, become one of the important research topic in the field of flame retardant in recent years. Now with the smoke suppression agent mainly composed of transition metal oxides, metal oxide, zinc borate, aluminum compounds (three alumina, lead acid ammonium) and its blends with material, magnesium, zinc compounds, ferrocene, tin oxide, copper oxide, etc. Collaborative system good flame retardant effect, low cost, as well as flame retardant and smoke suppression, but also has some special functions, commonly used collaborative system mainly halide -, antimony, phosphorus and phosphorus - nitrogen, phosphorus, to achieve the purpose of improving the flame retardant performance. Red phosphorus is one of the main flame retardant association effect system, it has association of aluminum hydroxide, nitrogen and other system effect.