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About Us

Jiangsu xiangyun plastic technology co., LTD. Was established in September 2009, marina near the Yangtze river golden triangle in prime locations, the amphibious transportation is convenient, is a scientific research, production, sales in the integration of high-tech private enterprises, the company has a high-quality research and development team, has a high efficiency management organization, specializing in the production of low smoke zero halogen cable materials, rat termite photovoltaic cable material, radiation crosslinking cable, pv cable material, charging pile materials, new energy vehicles, cable materials, etc.

The company has production equipment unit extrusion TS - 75 in the two groups, two groups of SJ - 150 extrusion unit, to mass production data cable, control cable, fiber optic cable and other supporting materials. The company selected raw materials are imported raw materials, comply with REACH standard. Finished product has good processability, insulation and excellent flame retardant properties, combustion smoke density low, stable quality, committed to the production of environmentally friendly materials, the company is the product of form a complete set for the finished goods quality inspection, from raw materials to semi-finished products to finished products, have strict quality inspection, requirement of colour and lustre even, without impurities, all the testing data can amount to mark.

Company with "environmental protection science and technology innovation, continuous healthy development" for business purposes, is committed to the development of environmentally friendly materials and development, to provide high quality service, high quality products, common development with customers and create more value for customers of product quality.